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Room Of Death Putlocker

Genre: Thriller

Director: Alfred Lot

Cast: Fanny Cottençon, Éric Caravaca, Antoine Oppenheim, Laurence Côte, Jonathan Zaccaï, Mélanie Laurent, Jonathan Zaccaï, Lola Créton, Éric Caravaca, Mélanie Laurent, Stéphane Jobert, Éric Caravaca, Jonathan Zaccaï, Nathalie Richard, Jean-Pierre Gos, Gilles Lellouche, Mélanie Laurent, Céline Sallette, Caroline Bourg, Alexandre Carrière, Jean-François Stévenin

Country: France

Released in: 2007

Running: 115 minutes

Rating: 7.5

Quality: HD

While on a joyride with the headlights turned off, two men hit and kill another man carrying a satchel full of money. The two men decide to take the money and throw the body into a pond and bury the money in a coal hill. The next morning the police discover the body of a kidnapped 12-year blind girl, Melody, in a warehouse near the site of the hit-and-run. They determine that the kidnapper saw the girl's father bringing the ransom to him and also witnessed the hit-and-run and the men stealing the ransom.